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Hi Experts,We have to print task updatedate in email template when remove access completes. we have added email template at endpoint level.We tried below attributes but didn't work${tasks?.updatedate}${task?.updatedate}please let me know if any other...
Hi Experts,we have requirement to print all entitlements when remove access complete for one application and we have added email template at endpoint level to trigger when remove access complete.I tried with below binding variable but it's printing o...
Hi Experts,Can we automate somehow the removal of a user (say a Terminated user) from a User Group?if yes, please let me know the steps to remove inactive users, that would be helpfulThank You
Hi Experts,quick question:what if the manager and entitlement owner are the same person. Should they have to do two separate approvals or should one approval cover both?it will help us to answer the customer. thanks in advanceRegards,Chandan Gowda
Hi Experts, We have 2 technical rules to assign “M365-E5” group for Microsoft 365 Endpoint with different conditions.Birthright_Payroll_E5 If Users.Status = 1 and Users.Employee Type in ('Payroll') and Users.Manager is not null and Users.Title not li...
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