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Hi Team,Can a consultee be able to export campaign details for which a user is consulted to.We do not see any option in consultee campaign page, is it even possible to export it?ThanksBhanu Kumar
Hi All, An update account task is created for the user, but it is not getting completed. It gets errored out as below: Error while update account in AD : { "status": "Failure", "failedObjects": [ { "id": "CN=upgrade\\, Prod319,OU=Users,OU=Nonemployee...
Hi, I am using below UpdateAccount JSON in ADSI Connector. {"objects": [{"objectClasses": ["user", "person", "organizationalPerson", "top"],"distinguishedName": "${account.accountID?.replace('\\', '\\\\')?.replace('/', '\\/')}","attributes":{"msDS-cl...
Below Json is not working to AD based connector.{"objects": [{"objectClasses": ["user", "person", "organizationalPerson", "top"],"distinguishedName": "${account.accountID?.replace('\\', '\\\\')?.replace('/', '\\/')}","attributes":{"msDS-cloudExtensio...
I want to know if we can select user group for custom assignment based on dynamic attribute.If we select two different dynamic attribute it should get assigned to two different approvers at the same level, is this possible?
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