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I want to know if we can select user group for custom assignment based on dynamic attribute.

If we select two different dynamic attribute it should get assigned to two different approvers at the same level, is this possible?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Please elaborate the ask with some example scenario.

Also , sending approval to 2 different with in same level for same request item will not help as in custom assignment block you can either select approval by all owner or any one owners.

Selecting any one owner will not suffice because the any of user of the 2 user groups will approve and the approval will be completed.

Selecting all owners to approve will suffice your requirement but then all owners from both user groups have to approve. 

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Condition is:

((dynamicAttributes.get('dn') eq 'YES') and ((accounts.customproperty35 eq null) or (accounts.customproperty35 eq 'NL'))) or ((dynamicAttributes.get('dn') eq 'NO') and (accounts.customproperty35 eq 'ABC'))

if this satisfies the condition it should assign to user_group and once it is approved it should add value as 'ABC' in AD to the attribute "msDS-cloudExtensionAttribute".

if the request is rejected, it should add value as 'NL'

"msDS-cloudExtensionAttribute": "${if(user?.statuskey == 0){'NL'}else if(dn == 'YES'){'ABC'}else{'NL'}}"


How to achieve this condition?

In the same way we need assign 4 different values in AD based on dynamic attributes.

Let me know if there is any other alternate for this to achieve this case.

Why this needs to managed inworkflow ?

if request is approved then only task will be created and you can pass same value in json

The workflow is designed in such a way that

1. Manager approval

2.    1 . User group for value A if approved or rejected it goes to next B

       2. User group for value B if approved or rejected it goes to next C

       3. user group for value C if approved or rejected it goes to next D

       4. user group for value D if approved or rejected it goes to next end.

3. End of the request.

if Request is rejected for value B by approver, but still value B is getting added in AD. this is should not add B but it should add as 'NL'

How to resolved this, values should only be added to the approved values.

Let help out to resolve the issue.

You wont be able to find level of approvals in json hence this seems to be managed via pre processing means custom query or sav4sav before task gets provision 

Hi Rushikesh,

Do you have any sample custom query for such case?


Bhanu Kumar