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We have integrated rest API which contains parameters are in name value pair as below,{"call": [{"name": "call1","connection": "acctAuth","url": "https://********/iam/governance/selfservice/api/v1/users","httpMethod ": "POST","httpHeaders": {"Accept"...
Using below connectionJson {"authentications": {"acctAuth": {"authType": "Basic","url": "","httpMethod": "","httpParams": {},"httpHeaders": {},"httpContentType": "application/json","properties": {"userName":"abc","password":"test@123"},"expiryError":...
We have one rest application, they have provided APIKey so using that API key we are able to create the user in target system through postman.As we dont have any details for connection json like url, method etc.we have dircetly tried to update the ac...
Beow is our CreateAccountJson   {"accountIdPath": "call1.message.id","call": [{"name": "call1","connection": "acctAuth","url": "https://dashboard.keepnetlabs.com/api/TargetGroups/UserInsertOrUpdate","httpMethod": "POST","httpHeaders": {"Authorization...
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