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Hi,We have a requirement to fetch whether the email was successfully sent upon successful completion of an account creation.The email template is attached to the endpoint.When the task was completed successfully, and when the email was triggered succ...
Hi,When we use the below:${com.saviynt.ecm.identitywarehouse.domain.Users.get('235507').email}We are able to send the email, where 235507 is the USERKEYIs there a way to fetch the userKey when we only know the Username ?Can we use any method any meth...
We have created few dashboards that are required to be consumed by a team. The members of that team are not expected to perform any admin functions. Currently, we have created a SAV role to be assigned to the team members. We added the dashboards to ...
Hi,Could anybody please let me know the table/tables I could use to get the information the user submits while trying to create a group ( Okta or aad or adsi etc.. ) via UI which triggers a create entitlement pending task.
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