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Could you tell me about the initial password for the Create User Request?

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Regular Contributor


I would like to ask about the subject of the title.

I want to set an initial password for a third party user.
So I applied for a Create User Request after adding the Password setting in Dynamic Attribute and sent an email to the User.
Then I approved it from the registration form I accessed from the Invite Mail URL.

However, when I try to log into Saviynt with the password I set, it fails because the password is different.
This happens either when I set the Default Value with the Dynamic Attribute, when I create it randomly with the Autogenerate function, or when I manually enter it by the applicant or the user who received the email.
(Users exist within Saviynt without any problem.)

Also, although it is not important, the registration form that users access from the email they received does not allow Autogenerate, or the button that visualizes Password does not work.

How can I resolve the problem and log in with the user I created?




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