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Windows Master Account Connector Failed

New Contributor
New Contributor


Please can you suggest on the below error for Windows Master Account Connector.

Steps done so far:

1. Server pre-requisites completed and verified as per the Saviynt Windows on-prem guide

2. master connection setup with local admin account

3. Master connection template used - Windows PAM

4. network connectivity is set up between Saviynt instance and windows server. test connection on port 3389, 5985, 5986 successful

5. Use SSL and Cert Validation set to False


Error in the logs:

ecm,2023-03-10T10:12:42.335+00:00,"{log"":""2023-03-10 10:12:41","588 [http-nio-8080-exec-8] ERROR connectorms.ConnectorMsHelperService - Error occurred while testing windowsconnection for connection WindowsMaster\n""","stream:""stdout""","time:""2023-03-10T10:12:41.588937634Z""}"""





Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@Sankhadeep Thanks for posting the question here. Can you please share few more lines of logs as the one liner you provided above does not give any insight into if we got a 401 error or something else. Also, when you saved the password for the master connection, was the password saved to Vault (checking the box for "save to vault")?