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Unable to map name-id-format with expected Customproperty value during SSO reconfig

New Contributor II
New Contributor II
Hi Team,
We were asked to reconfigure SSO for CPAM as the exisiting file configured as part of version 2021 was using cleartext password in configuration file.
So to get rid of this cleartext password; we were asked to use new feature available with latest version upgraded (CPAM v23.8)  SSO set-up.
We were shared a set-up guide and followed the SSO reconfiguration via the set-up guide and could see that while setting up SP under general settings we were asked to choose Saviynt username & from the dropdown we've limited options available to choose and our requirement is to choose "Customproperty62" whereas the dropdown contains last customproperty value as Customproperty40.
This impacted us in accessing post activating SSO.
For testing, we added the upn/name-id-format with customproperty40 manually and tried accessing the same selecting the SP Saviynt username as "Customproperty40" and we were able to access CPAM QAS environment.
Would need your help in enabling the customproperty62 value under "Saviynt Usernane" field



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Narendrapranaam ,


Currently we do not have capability to enable additional custom properties visibility in the SSO config's username. 

If you want a workaround, then as a one time activity, you can update the CP40 with values from CP62 using a CSV upload and later change your import mapping to store the value in CP40 and not CP62.