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Issue with Onpremise Windows - Just-in-Time account creation

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

I'm working on a new implementation and I'm having trouble requesting a JIT account for a Windows server on-prem. The request is pending and it appears to be stuck on the task type "emergency access instance Grant access." When I checked the pending task, there was no useful information.

We've configured the account rule in the endpoint, also I noticed an error message in the log that says "connection refused" even though the connection seems to be successful in windows connector,

Here's the JSON I used to create the request:

{ "Name": "${task.accountName}", "Description": "${user.username}", "Password": "${randomPassword}", "accessGrouptype": "admin" }

And here's the account rule SQL query we're using:

CONCAT(SUBSTRING(task.accountname, 1, 6))

Our account name includes the domain name, which exceeds 20 characters. Initially, we had an error in the pending tasks commands due to this, so we added the query in the endpoint.

Can someone please help me fix this issue?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Nishanth the logs shown here are not relevant to the use case. Also looking at the task, it doesnt look like it got picked up as the provisioning comments field is empty. After submitting JIT request, please share logs from ecm, ecm-worker, connectorms and windowsconnectorms. 
Also, is the launch working fine with shared accounts? 


Nagesh K