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Hi experts,

We are using AD for importing both Users & as well as Accounts.We are using only same endpoint,security system & endpoint for both imports. We need your insights on the following.

1. We want to import only users and need to exclude admin, Service accounts while importing the Users.
2. Want to correlate imported AD account & Admin account to user.

Lets say we have a user with username DBravo and he is having one AD account with name DBravo & one Admin account ADMDBravo ( We need the Admin & AD account correlated to the user)

Could you please help us with your insights on this.

Thank you.



Mapping for importing the users from Active Directory to Saviynt should be specified in the USER_ATTRIBUTE JSON of AD connection. Please refer below document for same.

Document for reference:

Follow below guide or steps for user account correlation


User Account Correlation Rule

Specify this rule to map users in SSM with the accounts during import. This rule is configured by the application owner. To create rules, use Basic Config or Advanced Config buttons. By default, the Basic Config view is displayed. You can edit or delete a rule.

To create rule using the Basic Config option, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Rules window, select a user attribute under Users.

  2. Specify the number of characters to use from the selected user attribute under InitialChar.  

  3. [Optional] To add an additional condition, click + under Action.

  4. Select an account attribute from Accounts.  

  5. [Optional] To add optional rules such as Rule-2, Rule-3, click Add Rule.
    If the Rule-1 condition fails due to any reason, the optional rule is applied to the user account correlation rule.  
    For instance, Rule-1: firstname (3) + lastname (2)
    Rule-2: firstname (1) + displayname (3) + lastname (2)
    If multiple rules are defined, they are separated by # in the database to signify the start of the subsequent rule.  

  6. Click Save to save the rule. 

To create a rule using the Advanced Config option, perform the following steps: (Available from version 5.4.1 onwards)

  1. In the Ruleswindow, select Advanced Config.

  2. Specify the query under SQL Query. Special characters are supported in the query.


    Querying only for attributes in the users and accountstables of the database is supported. 

    Sample query: case when (users.employeetype = 'Contractor') THEN concat ('C-', users.username) ELSE users.username END

  3. Click Save to save the rule.


Devang Gandhi
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