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User account correlation rule

Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

Hi Team

I am trying to perform user account correlation rule for SAP account import and below are the conditions that I need to address 

1) username=account name

2) lastname + first 2 characters of firstname = account name

3) lastname + first 1 character of firstname = account name

4) customproperty3 = account name

Below is the code I am using but the correlation is not working. Can someone please advise.

LOWER(users.username)=LOWER( # LOWER(concat(users.lastname,left(users.firstname,2)))=LOWER( # LOWER(users.customproperty3)=LOWER( # LOWER(concat(users.lastname,left(users.firstname,1)))=LOWER(

Also, I currently have wrong usernames mapped with accounts. I have tried using basic config and re-ran the import but the correlation is not changing. How can I remove the existing correlations? 


Thank you


New Contributor II
New Contributor II

To remove the correlation, please remove the correlation config and set it to blank. This will set all accounts as Orphan, once this is completed try using basic config.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @shivmano ,

1. Correlation rule is non-case sensitive, don't use 'LOWER'. Try below, its working for me: # concat(users.lastname,left(users.firstname,2)) # # concat(users.lastname,left(users.firstname,1))


2. Once the account is correlated to the user, configured new correlation wouldn't change existing account - user mapping.

Check this resolved article which would help you to un-map and re-map the user with new correlation rule - Solved: Disconnected Application - Incorrect User Account ... - Saviynt Forums - 30172


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