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Update Rules not triggering for Case Conversion of Saviynt Attribute Value when updated from Import

New Contributor II
New Contributor II
We observed that when the value of an attribute in Saviynt profile of a user is updated to the same value, but with a case conversion (eg. lastname value of Mcdowell getting updated as McDowell, or displayname getting updated from JOHN Mcdonald to John McDonald) from CSV import/through user import job execution, this update is not being shown in the 'User Update History' tab of this user, as well as no User Update Rules are getting triggered. As a result, there is a data discrepancy between Saviynt and downstream applications fed by data from Saviynt, as most user attributes are case-sensitive.
In addition, we tried to do same case-based value updates on user attributes through the Saviynt UI. In this case, we observed that it worked perfectly, as the attribute update details showed up as a fresh entry in the 'User Update History' tab, and also the user update rules got triggered, pushing the new attribute value from Saviynt to downstream applications.
Hence, kindly suggest a solution for this issue, as it is necessary to allow case-sensitive changes in user attributes to show up in the 'User Update History' tab, as well as should trigger rules, to move the data downstream.
Here's a similar forum post I found here mentioning the same issue, however it contains no solution and it is blocked, hence creating this new forum post.


Case conversion is not considered as change in attribute currently. Please submit idea ticket

Rushikesh Vartak
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