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SAP GRC integration with API based connector(SOAP)

New Contributor
New Contributor

As per documentation , SAP GRC integration requires :

  • Enable SAP GRC webservices access from EIC. The following SAP GRC web services must be enabled for accessing via the service account set up in SAP GRC.

    • GRAC_USER_ACCES_WS: User Access Request Service

    • GRAC_REQUEST_STATUS_WS: Polling the status access request submitted by EIC (IDM solution)

We have a customer who mentions they do not use GRAC_USER_ACCES_WS and also User Access Request Service is heavily customized and user modification/termination request type is not available at the moment, only using it for user creation and role assignment/removal . Which means it cannot be used for actions on users in SAP . 

However , seems like they could make it work through SOAP API. Below is what our customer says -

"We can provide an external SOAP address to take in messages  and then route them into SAP. It would come in via a web dispatcher URL

I can create a simple WSDL if I know what fields and the number of them that are required to be sent.

Question - Is it to be a synchronous message returning a response ? "

Could someone please confirm -

1>is it possible to connect with SAP using SOAP api ? If yes, do we have any sample jsons?

2>Is there any other alternative in case we need to go ahead with SAP connector only.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

- The mentioned webservices will need to be enabled in order to use SAP connector.

- For using SOAP - Since Saviynt does support using SOAP connector you can use it for integration. You can refer to our SOAP connector guide, link below for JSON examples (these will not be for SAP in specific though). Also, please validate the jsons from postman before implementing with Saviynt to ensure they are working.