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Read Only SAV Role is restricting from managing(run, edit) Analytics

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

We have a requirement to provide read only access to few features of Admin module(viewing accounts, access, etc) and simultaneously they should also be having access to manage the analytics. I have attached the features that we have added in both the SAV Roles.

Problem: When I assigned the SAV Roles to a user one at a time ==> It is working as expected i.e. we are able to manage analyitcs(run, edit, etc) but as soon as we are clubbing both the SAV Roles we are not able to manage the analytics.

Please help with if this is the expected behavior are are we missing something here.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



This is expected behavior. The moment you add a read only sav role to your user, all analytic configurations will become read only.



Creating Actionable Analytic Reports (saviyntcloud.com)


Md Armaan Zahir


Once read only button is enable run ( write operation ) is not allowed. Creating Actionable Analytic Reports (saviyntcloud.com)

You can create new SAV Role and disable read only flag and provide all reports and run access.

Rushikesh Vartak
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This is expected behavior. Read only Role/Access will override the Role with edit access. 

If you want to provide read only access to few modules, please deselect the Read Only switch from SAV Role settings and add the features where you want to provide the read only access for specific modules from Feature access tab. 

Please refer this post with similar issue.

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Dhruv Sharma