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Other Entitlement Owners need to be notified during approval via Emails

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New Contributor

Hi Team,

I am working on approval via emails where access request approval like the line manager or Entitlement owner approval are being acted upon (approved/rejected) via clickable buttons on notification mails.

The Ask:

In scenarios where there are more than one entitlement owners, it is required that other owners should be notified via response mail that the action has been taken on the request after any of the owners approves or rejects the request.

The Issue:
The attribute ${assignee.email} works fine when it is being used in Manager Approval or Entitlement owner approval template and all the existing assignees are notified, but when the same attribute is being used in CC part of the response then only one assignee i.e. the person who is acting on the mail is getting notified and not others. This is where the help/support is needed.

What all has been tried till now?

I have tried the following attributes


but have received the error : There was an error while evaluating the email template.


Yogendra Shukla



@Yogendra1 : Can you try ${approvedEntitlementsOwners}? Document says you can use this parameter but I am not successful as it is getting null value. Please check if that works for you.

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Hi SK,

It is not working for me as well as I am also getting null value.



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Currently variables are not exposed for above use case.

Please upvote idea - https://ideas.saviynt.com/ideas/EIC-I-5509

Rushikesh Vartak
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