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Modify Request by Approver not retaining original request

Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

We are experiencing a strange behavior when a request is modified by a member of an approver group. What we're seeing is that the original request is discontinued (expected) and a new request is submitted, but it does not keep the entitlements from the original request even if they were not removed in the modification. Has anyone else seen this? What should we expect? Screenshots below explaining and showing the steps we are seeing. I have obfuscated sensitive data:

The initial request and a single application role selected:


Approver has modified the request and added a new entitlement from ET 'Content Groups'. You can see it has retained the original Application Role submitted.


In Request History, we see the original request has been discontinued. I don't think this is unusual:




Here are the details from the discontinued request that shows the original entitlement submitted at step one.. the application role:


Unfortunately, here is the issue. Here are the details from the new request that was submitted based on the modify, and the 'Basic Access' Application Role was removed from the request even thought it was there when the approver had submitted the modification:


Because this modified submission was completed by one of the approvers, the new request auto approves and tasks are created. However, only the new account request and the entitlement the approver added show up as tasks, and not the original one that was kept on the modified submission:









Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

The expected behavior is that during modify request, whatever is in cart and is submitted should be viewable in the new request that gets created. Please raise a Freshdesk Ticket if the old entitlement is not visible and if it was still a part of the cart that was sent for submission to create the new request.


There was issue in older versions non EIC also where when two tabs opened data get messed up. Here if entitlement not visible then its defect. Please raise freshdesk ticket 

Rushikesh Vartak
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