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IncomingMailARSJob failing with Failure:Connection reset

New Contributor III
New Contributor III


Our IncomingMailARSJob is failing in production  with Failure:Connection reset error .We reset the password for the service account since then it is throwing this error . We are able to login to the mailbox with the new password . 

We worked with the networks and application team . App team mentioned the request is not  reaching their queue . Networks team mentioned the connection is being reset at the load balancer since it is not making SSL call and asked us to add the certificate . This process was working before 


Anyone had similar issue ? how do we add certificate for SMTP Send email settings  .I dont see an option to add certificate .

Any help would be greatly appreciated . We have 1000s of email in our mailbox .





Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


We dont need certificate for smtp settings, I believe you udpate the password again and once do a clean restart of saviynt services, and check it again to see if the job is getting success?