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Identifying the Triggering Attribute for User Profile Update Rule

New Contributor
New Contributor

I have created a rule that triggers when a user's department or title is updated, resulting in the creation of a pending task. After updating any one of the attributes in the user's profile, I want to determine which specific attribute change (department or title) activated the rule.

Detailed Points

  • A rule has been configured within the system to monitor specific changes in user attributes.
  • This rule is designed to trigger when either the "department" or "title" attribute of a user profile is updated.
  • Upon triggering, the rule generates a pending task that requires attention or further action.
  • In order to test the rule, any one "department" or "title" attributes of a user profile are  updated through import.
  • The goal is to identify which specific attribute change (department or title) was responsible for triggering the rule.

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi  @sai 

For a single user, you can check in the user update history and for multiple users, you can create analytics using usershistory table. 

Sample Query

select CHANGELOG,RULERUNS,UPDATEDBY,USERKEY,USERSHISTORYKEY from usershistory where RULERUNS='User Update Rules: testbirthright'

User update rule


User’s firstname got updated (Virat->Virat11) and triggered the user updaterule as below.


Analytics give below results, and we can see that it is triggered by firstname update.



Dhruv Sharma