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How to get notify if certificate in connections is going to expire via automation

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Regular Contributor

Hi All,

I have one query related to certificate expiry in connection. we have multiple connections who's certificates got expired long ago in prod but we see that connection is working as expected and neither we get notified.

Is this a bug in Saviynt. Is anyone faced the same issue and also want to know how to get notified to certain set of people regarding the certificate expiry in advance via automation.

Your help will be appreciated.





use OOTB Report and notification.

Scheduling the Certificate Expiry Email Notifications

You can send email notification to users when a certificate is about to expire by configuring the SSL Certificate Expiry Notification analytical control.

  • For certificates mapped to any connection, the notification is sent to the members of the default SAV role assigned to that connection.

  • For certificates that are not mapped to any connection, the notification is sent to the members of the ROLE_ADMIN SAV role.

The control internally checks for expiration details of the certificates and sends notification using the SSL Certificate Expiry Email default email template for the certificates that are about to expire. To configure the duration of time (in days) to send the email notification before a certificate expires, go to Global Configurations > Preferences > Days to notify before SSL Certificates expires.

To configure the certificate expiry email notification:

  1. Click Admin > Global Configurations > Preferences.

  2. Specify the number of days prior to certificate expiry to send an email notification in Days to notify before SSL Certificates expires.

  3. Click Analytics > Analytics Configuration List > Version 2 and search for the default analytical control named SSL Certificate Expiry Notification.

  4. Click Schedule and set the analytical control to run daily. This is the recommended setting.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. To run the analytical control immediately, click Run > Run Now.
    The analytical control checks for certificates that are about to expire and sends out an email notification using the default email template, SSL Certificate Expiry Email.



Rushikesh Vartak
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