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Future date tasks with along with current date account creation

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

User Case: currently users having birthright access through technical rule TR1 having entitlements E1,E2 for AD endpoint. I have created new Technical rule TR2 enterprise role which has Entitlement E3 with executed on as 1 day.

Requirement: When new user join org TR1 should trigger and create AD account with E1 & E2, TR2 should trigger with E3 startdate as tommorow.

Issue: During test i find that TR1 is triggering as expected but Create new account ask is having tommorow data and E1,E2 having todays date, E3 is as expected as tommorow date.


How can we force or make newaccount task to take today date.



@GSR Please share the screenshots of task and technical rule configs

Sumathi Somala
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