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Data refresh for non-Prod environments - best practices?

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi all,

We're in the middle of an implementation at present (release 1 is currently in Hypercare, release 2 in planning and design, with IAM in place, CPAM and others coming in future releases), and are trying to plan/document our environmental management process.

An issue has arisen around management of the data in the environments, which we have 3 of:

  • Prod, which is pretty straightforward and not impacted by refreshes, obviously
  • Non-Prod (UAT), which is connected to the relevant non-Prod instances of the integrated systems and shouldn't be too much of an issue
  • DEV, which is considerably different from a data source perspective from the other two environments, and will be exposed to data refreshes from external sources on a regular basis, with high potential for duplicated/conflicting/invalid account/user data

Our question is around the handling of the data primarily in the DEV environment - is there a way to effectively do a data wipe in an environment in order to "refresh" the Saviynt data from the sources once those source(s) have had their own data refresh completed?

If not... what is the best practice around this, in order to try and maintain relatively clean data, where there is high potential for clashes, mismatches, duplications etc.






Below are some key points

  • Data Wiping and Refreshing: This is can't be automated as you need to involve saviynt team on regular interval.
  • Why we are loading data in DEV on regular basis ??

Rushikesh Vartak
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Mate,

Best would be to not schedule data import Job in dev, run it on need basis. Use Inline preprocessor (MODIFYUSERSDATAJSON) to filter out records that are not needed.

OR Use "User Not In Feed Action" if the data source is consistent , meaning you are using the same source , it is just different data every time (most of the time)

If you sometime feeding data from higher environment and does not want to have this data in dev after testing. You can PII Eraser utility -

Or You can also do data scrambling using a Jar  - call it in inline preprocessor.



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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

We currently do not have a feature to wipe out all the data in a tenant. I am assuming here we are only referring to Users and Account data and not any configuration data. You can raise this idea on the Ideas Portal -


New Contributor
New Contributor

Thanks all for the responses.

Data refreshes between production and non-production systems (not just Saviynt) are something we do on a semi-regular basis, and we have a number of integrations with our Saviynt implementation (with more to come in the coming months).

To answer your question, Falcon - yes, we are talking user/account data only.

Amit - thank you for the referral to the Eraser utility. That may well be something we can work with. Will have more of a read up on that one. Cheers 🙂