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custom attributes is not mapped with EntitlementOnly

New Contributor III
New Contributor III


For functional purpose, we must activate the EntitlementOnly parameter.

With this parameter, the custom atrtibutes are not mapped during the account creation's task ( with mapping  defined in the createaccountJson)

I can see n my log that the attribut's mapping is ignored

"2024-02-01T20:21:23.585+00:00","ecm-worker","services.ArsTaskService","quartzScheduler_Worker-17-lmm5r","DEBUG","reqAccAttrsEndpointDetail -[com.saviynt.ecm.workflow.Request_access_attrs : 32289]"
"2024-02-01T20:21:23.588+00:00","ecm-worker","services.ArsTaskService","quartzScheduler_Worker-17-lmm5r","DEBUG","reqAccAttrs -[com.saviynt.ecm.workflow.Request_access_attrs : 32288, "2024-02-01T20:21:23.588+00:00","ecm-worker","services.ArsTaskService","quartzScheduler_Worker-17-lmm5r","DEBUG","inside getParsedAttributeValue---CustomProperty11"
"2024-02-01T20:21:23.594+00:00","ecm-worker","services.ArsTaskService","quartzScheduler_Worker-17-lmm5r","DEBUG","property CustomProperty11 not found in Accounts. ignoring"
"2024-02-01T20:21:23.594+00:00","ecm-worker","services.ArsTaskService","quartzScheduler_Worker-17-lmm5r","DEBUG","inside getParsedAttributeValue---CustomProperty12"
"2024-02-01T20:21:23.597+00:00","ecm-worker","services.ArsTaskService","quartzScheduler_Worker-17-lmm5r","DEBUG","property CustomProperty12 not found in Accounts. ignoring"

If I remove the parameter EntitlementOnly , the mapping of the attributes works fine . 

They are well added to the new account.

Why it doesn't work with the parameter Entitlement Only ?

Please can you help me ?

Best regards



Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

Hi Antonie,

By custom attribute are you referring to response mapping in create account json? And is your accountID getting populated with correct value?

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Yes exactly. It is about the mapping in create account json .

Attributs are well populated  when the Create Task Action is empty .

It does not work when is set to EntitlementOnly

Its known limitations please raise idea ticket. As when you apply entitlementsOnly account task is not created separately 

Rushikesh Vartak
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