Control center Queries and information required

New Contributor
New Contributor
Hi Team
We have queries related to Control Center as follows
1) How to map X and Y columns in graphs?
2) In Graphs able to view only part of data in bar format. For example, if  I have 20 records to display it displays only 10 in a bar graph.
3) How to restrict the users to view only certain KPIs
4) How to get the data labels in Bar Chat 
Please consider the above queries as a priority and revert.
We would like to have a connect and demonstrate on the same.
Below are the Screenshot for your reference
1: As shown in the below screenshot Bar chat Graph Not Displaying

Control center1.png

2: In the below Screen shot showing in BAR Chat values the same number 

Control Center 2.png

Thank you 


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Polineninikesh 

Please go through the below documents to configure control center Kpi, Also if necessary data is not shown then you need to run the analytics configured to that report which will display the result.




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @Polineninikesh,

please create a trigger chain job with the following jobs and schedule it.

Run all Analytics-v2 (ANALYTICSESJOB)

RUNCONTROLCENTERANALYTICSJOB ( Selecting the concerned persona)

You need to run the following job to get the history and trend graph updated.