Changing the column from AR.RequestDate to AR.COMPLETEDATE brings no results

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Hi all,

We are trying to extract the ARS requests data submitted for last 7 days . We earlier were using ar.REQUESTDATE to pull the records. When we tried to modify the ar.COMPLETEDATE ,we do not get the data.

Basically our customer would like to view the data to see how many requests are getting closed in a week.Earlier,when we used AR.REQUESTDATE, we were getting the data,but seems like the numbers are not matching correctly. Sometimes,there are more number of requests worked by an individual than the number showing in report .So we are checking if we can use AR.COMPLETEDATE.

But we get the below message,

Warning! Query returned no records

select `REQUEST ID` as 'Request ID', `REQUEST TYPE` as 'Request Type', `REQUEST SUBMIT DATE` as 'Request Submission Date', `REQUESTED FOR` as 'Requested For', `REQUESTEE NAME` as 'Request Name', APPLICATION as 'Application', `REQUESTED ENTITLEMENT` as 'Requested Entitlement', SOD_EXCEPTION as 'SOD Exception', MITIGATINGCONTROL as 'Mitigating Control', `RISK TYPE` as 'Risk Type', `REQUESTED BY` as 'Requested By', `APPROVAL TYPE` as 'Approval Type', `ASSIGNEE ID` as 'Assignee ID', `ASSIGNEE NAME` as 'Assignee Name', case when `RequestAccessStatus` = 3 then max(APPROVEDATE) else null end as `Approval Date`, `REQUEST STATUS` as 'Request Status', case when `RequestAccessStatus` = 3 then max(APPROVEDATE) else null end `Request Completion Date`, case when `TASK STATUS` = 'Completed' then (taskupdatedate) else null end `Task Completion Date`, `TASK STATUS` as 'Task Status' from (SELECT DISTINCT SUBSTR(jbpmprocessinstanceid, INSTR(jbpmprocessinstanceid, '.') + 1, LENGTH(jbpmprocessinstanceid)) AS 'REQUEST ID', CASE WHEN (ar.requesttype = 1 or ar.requesttype = 3) THEN 'Grant Access' WHEN ar.requesttype = 2 THEN 'Revoke Access' WHEN ar.requesttype = 12 THEN 'Update Account' WHEN ar.requesttype = 11 THEN 'Emergency Access Request' END AS 'REQUEST TYPE', ar.REQUESTDATE AS 'REQUEST SUBMIT DATE', u2.username AS 'REQUESTED FOR', CONCAT(u2.FIRSTNAME, ' ', u2.LASTNAME) AS 'REQUESTEE NAME', ENDPOINTASCSV AS 'APPLICATION', case when ar.requesttype != 11 then IFNULL((SELECT entitlement_value FROM entitlement_values v WHERE v.entitlement_valuekey = ra.accesskey), 'Account') else (select role_name from roles r where r.ROLEKEY = ra.ACCESSKEY) end AS 'REQUESTED ENTITLEMENT', (select GROUP_CONCAT(distinct EXCEPTIONNAME SEPARATOR ',') from request_exceptions ex where ex.requestkey = ar.requestkey) as SOD_EXCEPTION, (select GROUP_CONCAT(distinct c.MITIGATINGCONTROL SEPARATOR ',') from request_exceptions ex, mitigatingcontrols c where ex.requestkey = ar.requestkey and c.MITIGATINGCONTROLID = ex.MITIGATINGCONTROL) as MITIGATINGCONTROL, (SELECT CASE WHEN v.RISK = 0 THEN 'None' WHEN v.RISK = 1 THEN 'Very Low' WHEN v.RISK = 2 THEN 'Low' WHEN v.RISK = 3 THEN 'Medium' WHEN v.RISK = 4 THEN 'High' WHEN v.RISK = 5 THEN 'Very High' END AS 'RISK TYPE' FROM entitlement_values v WHERE v.entitlement_valuekey = ra.accesskey) AS 'RISK TYPE', (SELECT username FROM users t WHERE t.userkey = ar.requestor) AS 'REQUESTED BY', aa.JBPM_ACTIVITY_NAME AS 'APPROVAL TYPE', u.username AS 'ASSIGNEE ID', CONCAT(u.FIRSTNAME, ' ', u.LASTNAME) AS 'ASSIGNEE NAME' , CASE WHEN aa.status = 1 THEN 'Pending Approval' WHEN aa.STATUS = 2 THEN 'Approved' WHEN aa.STATUS = 3 THEN 'Rejected' WHEN aa.status = 4 THEN 'Escalated' WHEN aa.STATUS = 6 THEN 'Discontinued' END 'REQUEST STATUS', ra.status as RequestAccessStatus, aa.APPROVEDATE, t2.updatedate as taskupdatedate, CASE WHEN t2.status = 1 THEN 'Open' WHEN t2.status = 2 THEN 'InProcess' WHEN t2.status = 3 THEN 'Completed' WHEN t2.status = 4 THEN 'Discontinued' END AS 'TASK STATUS' FROM ARS_REQUESTS ar , request_access ra, ACCESS_APPROVERS aa, USERS u, USERS u2, arstasks t2 WHERE ar.REQUESTKEY = ra.REQUESTKEY AND ra.REQUEST_ACCESSKEY = aa.REQUEST_ACCESS_KEY AND u.userkey = aa.APPROVEBY AND u2.userkey = ra.userkey AND t2.requestaccesskey = ra.request_accesskey AND ar.REQUESTDATE > DATE_SUB(NOW(),INTERVAL 7 DAY) and t2.ASSIGNEDFROMRule is null ORDER BY jbpmprocessinstanceid , JBPM_ACTIVITY_NAME , u.username) as t1 group by `REQUEST ID`, `REQUEST TYPE`, `REQUEST SUBMIT DATE`, `REQUESTED FOR`, `REQUESTEE NAME`, `REQUESTED ENTITLEMENT`, SOD_EXCEPTION, MITIGATINGCONTROL, `RISK TYPE`, `REQUESTED BY`, `APPROVAL TYPE`, `ASSIGNEE ID`, `ASSIGNEE NAME`, `TASK STATUS`;






Completedate is not populate you need to take max of approveddate from access_approver