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AWS Active Directory

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi Team,

Its not a AWS VM hosted server having AD or not the Microsoft AD residing in AWS. AWS has its own Internal Active Directory where Accounts and groups are present. 

In order to manage the AWS AD related Accounts and groups is there any OOTB connector available from Saviynt? like we have for Azure AD. 

Or is there a way to manage them once we onboard the AWS as target?  Any client Integrated AWS AD alone?  Any help on this appreciated?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @bala 

Thanks for reaching out to Saviynt. 

Please refer to the below link for OOTB Connector to integrate Saviynt with AWS and supported features

AWS Integration Overview (saviyntcloud.com)

Please let us know the additional details about the specific use cases you are looking for. Also please share the documentation which you are referring to for AWS Directory or AWS AD.


Dhruv Sharma


@bala : In your scenario I believe you can use regular AD connection. We had similar use case where our AD is from GCP and we able to connect to that successfully using regular AD connection. but thing is we are running a domain in GCP instance. But even if it is Managed AD you can connect directly.

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