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AD Connector To Pull Entitlement Assignment Date

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Oracle EBS / SAP connectors have the capability to pull in the entitlement assignment start date and end date & have it saved in the account_entitlements1 table columns startdate and enddate.

But AD connector doesn't provide that level of information as to when an entitlement got assigned to the user. When the AD group is assigned via Saviynt, startdate column in account_entitlements1 gets updated with the assignment date.Whenever AD connector encounters a deadlock, we loose all the data like startdate stored in account_entitlements1.

Let's say the access got assigned outside of Saviynt, the connector imports the record into account_entitlements1 with blank startdate.

In a nutshell, AD connector imports are not bringing in this crucial information of entitlement assignment date to cater to audit requests. Is there a config in the AD connector that can be updated to pull this level of information?



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


is there an attribute on the AD which has this information that can be leveraged ?

Avinash Chhetri