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AD Account Creation error - Duplicate First and Last Name

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor


I am attaching the accountnamerule for AD connection object which we are using to resolve the duplicate distinguishedNames in case the firstname and lastname of 2 users are the same. 

At the time of creation of 2 users with same first and last names in the same OU: If 2 users have the same firstname and lastname, then this rule is somehow not working because the New Account task for AD fails with this error : 


Please note that the existing account with the same name is active in AD, still the error message refers to the existing account as inactive. I think the error message is misleading.

Update case :

1. As a first step we created 2 different users with the same first and last names but in different departments so that the AD accounts got created in separate OUs. These users got created successfully in AD.
2. Now, for one of these users, the department was updated in Saviynt (to make it same as the department of  the other user) so that a Mover event gets triggered. Correspondingly, Saviynt triggered the movement of AD account for the user whose department got changed to the corresponding OU. This time, the accountnamerule gets re evaluated and checks for the duplicity and appends a 1 or 2 or 3 accordingly to the distinguishedName.

Request your assistance here in resolving the creation case as well.

Best Regards,


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @varunpuri 

On the create account use case, when you say you are creating new users with same firstname and lastname at the same time, but when you try to provision is there a third account with same DN being generated and that account is present in saviynt with active or inactive?

May be you can elaborate in detail and mention the steps clearly to understand better.