Access Request Approval should approve only once if manager and entitlement owner is same

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        When a requestee is requesting access for user whose manager is also the entitlement owner, then single approval should approve both levels. Right now, two approval tasks getting generated one for manager and other for entitlement owner, instead upon manager approval, it should auto-approve entitlement owner level task if manager and entitlement owner is same.

Is there any way to achieve this?



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

An if-else block can be used in this case before the 2nd level approval with condition manager equals the entitlement owner in the condition.  You can test with the below query. Please confirm if it works.

"condition:endpoints.requestowner eq user.manager"

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried following condition and it is working


Whereas It is failing for blank owner (when owner is not set for Group). Any suggestions on how to check blank owner.

I am trying 

(entitlement.ownerRank1 == null) or (entitlement.ownerRank1.size () == 0)

But this does not go-to custom approver group, instead it goes to Saviynt admin for approval


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New Contributor II

Worked for blank owner as well with following condition

(entitlement.entowners == null) or (entitlement.entowners.size() == 0 )


Thanks for the update. If the original question is answered, please accept it as Solution to help others who may have a similar problem.

Here we skipped blocked using if else condition what if product should auto approve ? Business requirement is block should be visible with comment as auto approved.