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SFTP connection for File transfer to the windows server is failing.I have followed the document and created the SFTP connection. But, the connection is still failing.The port 22 is already opened from Source to Destination server.I have attached logs...
Requirement:ServiceNow has to connect to Saviynt My SQL DB to pull the user details and save it to the ServiceNow Users tables.Please let us know how it can be done. 
We are having 2 types of Identities Employees and Contractors as Source of Truth from HR and ServiceNow. Provisioning of these user identities is happening in AD based on Birthright rules.Requirement:Create ADMIN Accounts in Active Directory based on...
Saviynt4Saviynt Account import job is failing. We are not sure why it is failing. Account import json looks  good to me.Account import json and logs are attached. We are getting error as "No Database selected". 
Scenario1:The Analytics report that is generated is saving in Elastic search.The report is saving in the below path of Saviynt.Path : /saviynt_shared/reports/Archive/Analytics/If the target team wants to pull that file from above path to their server...
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