SAP CUA - SAVIYNT Integration

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Our plan was, to integrate SAP CUA into SAVIYNT with a standard SAP connector.
For exchanging the required account and permission information, the standard SAP connector is using the tables:


We configured the tables in the connector and the import job configuration.
That works, but only imports the accounts and permissions granted in the SAP CUA system itself.

What we really  need is, the account and permission information of all the, by the Central User Administration instance managed SAP systems.
This information is stored in the following tables:

  • USZBVSYS (assignment of systems to user)
  • USRSYSACT (contains: Client ID{666}, recipient {system identifier for the SAP system, for what the role is assigned}, role, short description of role)
  • USLA04 (contains: client ID{666},user name{account name}, recipient {system identifier for the SAP system, for what the role is assigned}, role start date, end date)

Adding or exchanging any other table with these tables did not have any effect on the imported data.

Is it somehow possible, to connect a SAP CUA instance, using the SAP standard connector ?
Did someone already make use of a custom SAP PO endpoint implementation and successfully connected an SAP CUA instance using the REST-connector ?


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I guess reading the required information and writing them into SAVIYNT might be possible with the REST-connector, but the account and permission management within all the managed systems might be a nightmare and we would need much more internal knowledge of the SAP CUA system.

Hello @UweG,

Wouldn't it be possible to connect to the SAP CUA just for the Provisioning aspect but connect directly to the target instnces for reconciliation ?

If I'm not mistaken,  SAP PO uses an spml framework so you should be able to use a SOAP connector to connect.



Avinash Chhetri