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Saviynt Employee

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This document provides an overview of the best practices while configuring the SMTP to offer a seamless experience to the end users and avoid email failures.

Applicable version

5.5SP3.X & 2021 & Later

Detail best practice

  1. Ensure the Rate limit is specified and set according to the Target SMTP server as sending too many emails too quickly can trigger spam filters and affect your deliverability
  2. Ensure to set the Retry limit to an optimum value to resend the emails in case of connection failures.
  3. As a security best practice, It is always recommended to enable SSL/TLS encryption for SMTP connections to ensure secure transmission of email data. This helps protect the confidentiality and integrity of the emails being sent.
  4. Regularly monitor your SMTP server's logs and analyze email delivery metrics. This helps identify and address any issues promptly, such as bounced emails or blacklisting.

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We see various times that customer is using 0365 email server.

Now as a part of campaign we may encounter a situation that multiple emails would be triggered.

What is the recommendation provided by Saviynt for such cases?

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

Hi @Manu269 @saikanumuri  we have many campaigns and, in some campaigns, at least 2000+ emails will be triggered so is this good idea to use rate limit? As I tested in test environment for 500 emails it is taking lot of time, I have set limit to 20. Please suggest what is best to do?


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