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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Use Case

SAP Import jobs failing with 'Failed to connect to the SAP Instance or Extract Data-NOT_AUTHORIZED'


SAP connection is configured and SAP data import jobs are configured

Applicable Version(s)

Both EIC and Non EIC versions


In the below error snippet, you can see the error line which says as below

DEBUG integration.SapDataImportService  - (126) NOT_AUTHORIZED: NOT_AUTHORIZED

  • This error usually means that the service account you're using in connection to import data from SAP systems, doesn't have access at the application level to import data.
  • In these scenarios, the connection will show successful as the permissions on application level tables doesn't affect the application connectivity.
  • To resolve this roadblock, work with the customer application teams to make sure the service account has all the required permissions to import data from the tables and also to perform provisioning, if the same connection is being used for provisioning.
ERROR snippet:

2022-04-18 18:00:31,261 [quartzScheduler_Worker-11] DEBUG integration.SapDataImportService  - Calling SAP Function

2022-04-18 18:00:31,313 [quartzScheduler_Worker-11] DEBUG integration.SapDataImportService  - Inside ABAP Exception


2022-04-18 18:00:31,318 [quartzScheduler_Worker-11] DEBUG integration.SapDataImportService  - (126) NOT_AUTHORIZED: NOT_AUTHORIZED

2022-04-18 18:00:31,322 [quartzScheduler_Worker-11] ERROR integration.SapDataImportService  - Exception (126) NOT_AUTHORIZED: NOT_AUTHORIZED



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