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Saviynt Employee

Use Case


To check user activity in Saviynt, follow the steps below:

Start by configuring an analytical report using the provided query. This query retrieves specific information related to user activity, such as the username, access time, and access details. The access details provide insights into the specific actions performed by the user.


User Idenitity

Applicable Version(s)




The query is as follows:

```SELECT username      AS 'Username',
       accesstime    AS 'Access Time',
       accessdetails AS 'Access Details'
FROM   (
              SELECT u.username,
                            WHEN (
                                          access_url = '/workflowmanagement/requesthome') THEN 'Request Home'
                            WHEN (
                                          access_url = '/workflowmanagement/requestaccessforothers') THEN 'Request Access for Others' ...
                                   -- Additional WHEN conditions for different access URLs and actions
                            WHEN (
                                          access_url = '/requestmap/update') THEN concat('Request map updated. Updated Object - ', query_param)
                     END AS accessdetails
              FROM   users u,
                     userlogin_access ua,
                     userlogins l
              WHERE  l.loginkey = ua.loginkey
              AND    l.userkey = u.userkey) AS t1
WHERE  accessdetails IS NOT NULL
AND    accesstime BETWEEN date_sub(now(), interval 1 day) AND    now();


Please note that the above provided query already filters the results based on a specific time range. You can modify the time range by adjusting the following line in the query:


accesstime BETWEEN date_sub(now(), interval 1 day)


The report will include the following details for each user activity entry:

- Username: The username of the user who performed the action.
- Access Time: The timestamp indicating when the action occurred.
- Access Details: A description of the specific action performed by the user.

The "Access Details" field provides valuable insights into the user's activity by categorizing each action based on the accessed URLs and associated parameters.

Review the report to gain an understanding of user activity within the specified time range. This information can be useful for various purposes, including auditing, security monitoring, and compliance verification.

This example retrieves user activity within the last 24 hours. You can customize the time range according to your requirements.


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