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Control Center Custom Topic

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi All,

I have created a Custom Topic(Named as CPAM) in Control Center in SSM Owner Persona, created the Books and respective KPI and associated them as well. As a role Admin I can view the Newly created topic and associated Data.

Now the requirement is to create a custom SAV role and enable the access to the newly created Topic(CPAM).

When I try to create the new SAV role I am unable to see the newly created Topic in the feature access tab of SAV role. expectation is to have new one like SSM_Owner_Persona__CPAM

Below are the feature access of the custom SAV Role created


Control_Center_HomeProvides Access To Control Center Home & Features
HomeCore access for Security Manager. Note, this is the bare minimum access all users should have to be able to use Security Manager
Control_Center_ConfigureProvides Access To Control Center Configuration
SSM_Owner_PersonaProvides Access To SSM Owner Home Page
SSM_Owner_Persona__IdentityStoreProvides Access To Topic IdentityStore
SSM_Owner_Persona__ComplianceProvides Access To Topic Compliance
SSM_Owner_Persona__ServicesHealthProvides Access To Topic ServicesHealth
SSM_Owner_Persona__configurationsProvides Access To Topic configurations
Analytics_History_DetailsView and export the details of elasticsearch analytics reports. This also lets you take actions on records in case of actionable analytics reports.

Could you please suggest any additional access needs to be enabled on the SAV Role



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@Vishwa Thanks for posting your question. It appears that you have created a new "Topic" and you are expecting to see that Topic in the list of "Features". Topics and Features are two different objects. While you can create custom sav roles, you cannot create any new Features. 

Also, we already have an out of the box sav role called "ROLE_SAV_PAMOWNER". This sav role was created specifically for PAM application owners. Please check if this sav role serves your purpose. 


Nagesh K 

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi @NageshK ,

Thank you for the response.

Actually I have created the Custom topic and underlying books and associated the KPI's to the Custom created Topic.

Now I am trying to provide the access to the Custom Topic created by me to a SAV Role.

Only the Role_Admin SAV Role can view the Topic, but the requirement is to assign the custom topic to the custom SAV Role.

I have tried with the OOTB Sav Role ROLE_SAV_PAMOWNER, but unfortunately it didn't work for me