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Access Denied Provisioned Error For Windows

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi Friends, 

While reconfiguring our Windows Nodes to use HTTP over WinRM, we noticed that when we launch the request to provision use accounts in JIT, we are getting an access denied error.

Launching a credential-less session with the saviyntuser02 account also gives us an "internal server error"

Looking at the logs, it seems to be a provisioning error.

So I took the steps and signed in to the service account, SaviyntAdmin, and attempted to create the local account and it works fine without an access denied error. 

Due to the situation in our environment, we switched the connection from HTTPS to HTTP to ensure applications that are hosted on HTTPS are not impacted. 

Before, it worked fine on HTTPS. 

Not sure, what can be done. 

Warm Regards, 


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@jpuran After reconfiguring your servers, did you update the connection to make "use ssl" field as false? And, have you already opened a support ticket for this? Please also share the logs from windowsconnectorms when the issue occurred. 

You can use this article (section: using Advanced Logging) to understand how to capture specific logs :


Nagesh K

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi Team,

Please discard, Find the root cause.

This value in the registry kept reverting to "0" which impacted the permissions.

This seems to be a GPO policy internally.

Have a good day.