View Dashboard Under ARS

New Contributor
New Contributor

We have created few dashboards that are required to be consumed by a team. The members of that team are not expected to perform any admin functions.


Currently, we have created a SAV role to be assigned to the team members. We added the dashboards to the SAV Role, under ARS section. However, the users do not see any dashboard link under ARS and are unable to access the dashboards.
FYI - The SAV role contains the "Dashboard List" feature access.


As a workaround, we added the dashboards to the same SAV role under "Identity Repository - Admin" section. Additionally, we also granted the "Admin - Landing page" feature access to the SAV role. After updating the SAV role, users are able to access Admin section and can see and access the Dashboard link under "Identity Repository".


However, we do not want the users to access the Admin section. Is there a way to configure dashboards to be accessible from ARS?



You want to add Dashboard  under which category. Dashboard List will provide access to admin - dashboard configuration