Username generation in Saviynt via workday

New Contributor
New Contributor

we are using workday RAAS report for the user import
We do not have the username coming from the report and we are generating the username using the rule (Add register user rule) from global config so that we have unique identifier in Saviynt which is used for login.
The EmloyeeID is used for reconciling

Issue is we are not able to import the users into Saviynt without mapping the username
Tried to map username to employeeid in user import mapping
and in modify userdata JSON
setting the newuserdata username to the currentusers username value

Issue is if there is the new identity comming from RAAS that does not exist in Saviynt
the newuserdata username is null and this is not getting inserted

Please let me know if there is way to resolve it.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


You could map the target employeeid (if unique) in username attribute and then use the systemuserName to generate the the unique identifier and then provision this value to downstream applications.


Avinash Chhetri