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New Contributor
New Contributor

Use case- Our client wants the Null check for mandatory attributes at Saviynt side. So if user mandatory attribute is NULL then any value for that user should not get updated. 
Basically, that user should be skipped. and if there is new user with mandatory attribute null user should not get created in Saviynt.

I am using the below preprocessor query for this use case.

"PREPROCESSQUERIES": ["DELETE FROM NEWUSERDATA WHERE firstname IS NULL OR lastname IS NULL OR email IS NULL OR username IS NULL OR middlename IS NULL OR manager IS NULL OR owner IS NULL OR statuskey IS NULL OR startdate IS NULL OR country IS NULL OR title IS NULL OR departmentname IS NULL"]

My understanding from above query is that it will not update the user if any of the mandatory attribute is null. But it's not working.

Can anyone help with this


Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

@ssharma907 , can you please try with below preprocessor query to exclude users 

"DELETE NU.* FROM NEWUSERDATA NU WHERE NU.firstname IS NULL OR NU.lastname IS NULL OR NU.email IS NULL OR NU.username IS NULL OR NU.middlename IS NULL OR NU.manager IS NULL OR NU.owner IS NULL OR NU.statuskey IS NULL OR NU.startdate IS NULL OR NU.country IS NULL OR NU.title IS NULL OR NU.departmentname IS NULL"