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Uploading Technical Rule

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hello Experts,

I have been attempting to upload Technical Rules using the "Upload Technical Rules" feature.

The role name for the Insurance-Billing Center Entry Level Processor is 'Insurance - Billing Center Entry Level Processor.' The advanced query is as follows: 'a.departmentNumber IN('09437', '008622') AND a.customproperty1 = 'NEAL' AND a.jobCode NOT IN('24A05','11H36').' Please find my JSON below:



"type": 1,
"description": "Rule_Test",
"advancedConfig": true,
"preventative": null,
"removeBirthRightOnFail": true,
"actionType": null,
"advancedQuery": "a.departmentNumber IN('09437', '008622') AND a.customproperty1 = 'NEAL' AND a.jobCode NOT IN('24A05','11H36')",
"birthRight": true
"name": "Rule_Insurance - Billing Center Entry Level Processor",
"rolename": "Insurance - Billing Center Entry Level Processor",
"ruledescription": "Rule_Test",
"invokebyDetectiveJob": false,
"evaluateHierarchy": false,
"detective": false,
"packagename": "",
"updateuserId": 13753,
"totalusers": 0,
"usersinsap": 0,
"ownerKey": null,
"eventSource": null,
"totalviolationstotalviolations": 0,
"totalanalyticalprivileges": 0,
"createuser": 13753,
"sentForApproval": false,
"ownerType": null,
"status": 0,
"attributes": [{
"nextrulecondition": "AND",
"conditionopertor": null,
"conditionoraction": "ACTN",
"objectattribute": "Assign",
"objectvalue": "",
"objectvaluetype": 1,
"position": 1,
"scehemaname": "",
"objectname": "Insurance - Billing Center Entry Level Processor",
"objecttype": "Enterprise Roles" //enterprise role

I am getting error as - Error while creating/updating HanaRule: Rule_Insurance - Billing Center Entry Level Processor\n","stream":"stdout","time":"2023-05-02T06:55:20.362906049Z"}"

log":"- Field error in object 'com.saviynt.hana.HanaRule' on field 'totalviolations': rejected value [null]; codes.

Could you kindly inform me which fields are mandatory to fill out or if there is anything that I may have overlooked? Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You,

Richi Mohanty


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @RMohanty,

The "birthRight" field is lacking a comma, and "totalviolationstotalviolations": 0 should be corrected to "totalviolations":0 

Please rectify these and retry.

For Ref: 


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