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New Contributor
New Contributor


Trying to design a dashboard in Saviynt to include analytic report last 5 run counts. I would like to know the table in which the analytic reports history counts are stored.

Any details on this matter will be appreciated!



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Thank you for reaching out to the Saviynt forums.

The following tables are essential for our analytics feature in V1 analytics :

  1. AnalyticsConfig: This table stores metadata related to analytics.
  2. AnalyticsHistory: This table stores historical data in BLOB format.
  3. Analytics_analyticshistory: This table contains the count of each analytics history (for each analyticshistorykey from the analyticshistory table).DixshantValecha_2-1678082481196.png


#Each history within an analytics(analyticsconfigkey) gets analyticshistory.analyticshistorykey column value under column analyticshistory

  • Analyticconflictaccept: Contains action taken against each record for a particular history of an analytics.


  • Accept status Column: It stores the action taken on the record (out of all available actions that SSM provides).
  • AnalyticsConfigkey: Primary key of analyticsconfig table.
  • Analyticshistorykey: History of an analytics in which you have acted on a record.
  • Comments: Business Justification given while taking the action.

#Please refer to the below documentatio for more info.


#Please note that this solution is applicable to V1 analytics only and is not intended for use with V2 analytics (elastic based)

#Please let us know if further information is needed on this.