Service Account creation / Accountnamerule

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Hi Experts,

Looking for some assistance with Service account creation(AD). From what I understand is that Accountnamerule for service account is at Endpoint and not connector (for AD). Do I have this right?

Currently generic account creation working from connector, but service account was failing due to not getting a unique DN for the account where it seems to look for the person's account requesting the new account from Service account tile.

Any sample JSON from anyone having this working correctly?

Thanks in advance




Which sample json?

yes account name for service account configurable under endpoint

Thanks for the response, I am looking for CreateaccountJSON that provides for service account creation to AD.

Currently my JSON can provision a normal user account with no problem (see below) but service account cannot get created with this.

Basically need UPN and displayname created and then adding owner to account

"cn": "${user.username}",
"userAccountControl": "512",
"name": "${user.systemUserName}",
"employeeID": "${user.username}",
"sn": "${user.lastname==null?'':user.lastname}",
"displayName": "${user.firstname} ${user.lastname}",
"givenName": "${user.firstname}",
"userPrincipalName": "${user.username}@talanos.local",
"title": "${user.title}",
"mail": "${}",
"department": "${user.departmentname==null?'':user.departmentname}",
"sAMAccountName": "${user.username}",
"manager": "${managerAccount==null?'':managerAccount.accountID}",
"mobile": "${user.phonenumber==null?'':user.phonenumber}",
"l": "${user.location}",
"employeeType": "${user.employeeType}",
"userPassword": "${randomPassword}",
"objectclass" : [

Thanks for your inputs

You need to use if else / ternary condition based on accounttype dynamic attribute which only exist in service account