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Secondary Email Generation Guidance

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi team - We have a customer that is wanting logic around primary and secondary email being generated. How is the secondary email generation configurations customized? 

Is there a global config for this? Is this typically derived in the directory, then reconciled? How has Saviynt seen this accomplished in the past?


Connor Usher



@Connoru23 : There is no configuration to generate secondary email like primary. Because generally the purpose of secondary email to capture an alternate email or personal email not necessarily the company email.

What is your requirement to generate secondary email as well? Does employees will have two emails? If so then you can use inline preprocessor to generate secondary email either by using SQL statements or you can call external code for user getting imported.

In case if user is created through Saviynt then you can use user update rules to generate secondary email by calling external code using Custom Action

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @Connoru23 ,

As @Saathvik mentioned above, that's right. There is no configuration for generating secondary email logic.

But you can achieve it using Inline preprocessor under MODIFYUSERJSON at the time of importing users in Saviynt.

Reference article on how to build your logic: Integration Options with the Saviynt Database (


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