Saviynt getroles API response in v5.5SP3.20

New Contributor
New Contributor
We recently upgraded Saviynt- dev and qas environments from v5.5SP3.13 to v5.5SP3.20.
We have a requirement to fetch the owner(username) of existing roles for which we're referring to /getrole API as mentioned in As per this doc, /getrole API returns owner in list format without any 'ownername' and role 'owner rank' attributes. Refer to screenshot(RoleAPI_v5.5) attached.
But on post upgrade we identified /getrole API returns owner details via "ownername" with role owner rank. As per the Saviynt API documentation, rank owner information is extracted from release v23.3. Refer to screenshot(RoleAPI_v23.0) attached
Could you please help us to understand what is the expected behaviour of /getrole API in Saviynt v5.5SP3.20?Also, please share the API reference document for Saviynt version- v5.5SP3.20.

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @JothiJayamani,

This is expected for the /getrole API in Saviynt v5.5SP3.20.
Please find the API reference document for All Saviynt version which are availble.