Sav4Sav API control user privileges

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New Contributor

We have created an analytics report which outputs the username and a specific syntax for his/her accounts entitlements. 

We use the SaviyntForSaviynt REST connector to map this output to a user's customproperty. But we found out there is a user in the users tab who controls the API privileges. 


First of all, we couldn't find any documentation regarding this user and what its purpose is. So if anyone could link us some documentation on this, that would be great.

Second, we had to give this user the ROLE_ADMIN for it to be able to access the Analytics API (otherwise our job to import the specific output of the analytics to the user's CP wouldn't work). 

Is there a way for us to give this user as little privileges as possible but still be able to access every Saviynt API? We don't want to give this user all of the privileges of the ADMIN_ROLE. 



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


We are checking on this and we will keep you posted.

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

This user id is generated while enabling the Saviynt for Saviynt from Global configuration > Preferences > Configure Saviynt for Saviynt


This user is generated and assigned to Sav role which has access to required webservices. You can view the webservice access by first confirming if ROLE_SAV4SAV_ADMIN is assigned to sav4savuser and then by confirming the access of this Sav role by navigating to Web Service Access tab of ROLE_SAV4SAV_ADMIN

Is is documented in document that by enabling it will create new SAV + user ?

Hi @rushikeshvartak ,

The documentation process for this functionality is currently underway.


You can control privilege by removing other API access . Currently it provides all access.