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Hi Team,

what is the difference between feature access and webservice access, is webservice access used when we use saviynt rest API?




Feature is combination of different web services and modules 

web services are actual web services used. 
feature are user friendly where as web services are technical apis


Feature Access

Feature access generally refers to the permissions or rights granted to a user or a role within an application to utilize specific features or functionalities. For instance:

  • User Roles and Permissions: Specific features such as creating reports, managing users, or accessing certain dashboards may be restricted based on the user's role or permissions.
  • UI Components: Access to different parts of the user interface might be restricted, allowing users to interact only with the features they are authorized to use.

Webservice Access

Webservice access is related to the ability to interact with an application's backend services via APIs. This can be particularly important for integrations, automation, and extending the application's functionality. For example:

  • API Authentication and Authorization: Users or systems are granted access tokens or API keys that determine what endpoints and data they can interact with.
  • Data Operations: Webservice access allows external systems or users to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on the application's data via web service endpoints.

Saviynt REST API and Webservice Access

In the context of Saviynt, a comprehensive identity governance and administration (IGA) solution, webservice access is indeed used when interacting with the Saviynt REST API. Here’s how it typically works:

  • REST API: The Saviynt REST API allows for programmatic access to Saviynt's features and data. This could include operations such as user provisioning, entitlement management, access requests, and more.
  • API Authentication: When using Saviynt REST API, you need appropriate webservice access credentials (like API keys or OAuth tokens) to authenticate your requests.
  • Role-Based Access: Even with webservice access, the actions you can perform via the API will be governed by the permissions associated with your role within Saviynt. For instance, only users with the appropriate role might be able to invoke certain API endpoints.


  • Feature Access: Refers to what functionalities or parts of the application a user can access based on their role and permissions.
  • Webservice Access: Refers to the ability to interact with the application's backend services via APIs, often requiring specific credentials and being governed by access controls similar to feature access.

Rushikesh Vartak
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