"Remove Access" task are not getting generated on Disabled Accounts.

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Hi All,

I've a requirement for Disabling the user account like below:

Users.Custom Property 9 EQUALS "90"
Then (Disable User Accounts)

And removing the roles when the value is 99 like below:

Users.Custom Property 9 EQUALS "99"
Then (Deprovision Role) Emergency +Enterprise 

When the value is set to 90 the account is getting disabled. However, when the value gets changed to 99 the Roles are getting removed but "Remove Access" tasks are not getting generated for the entitlements associated with the Role.

Is it an expected behavior that on "Disabled accounts", remove access task doesn't get generated even if the role is removed?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@himka , please confirm the version. A similar feature is published in 23.9

Saviynt Version v5.5SP3.20


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New Contributor III


@himka when we use Disable Accounts then only Disable Account task is generated not Remove Access or Remove Account.

Documentation: Creating User Update Rules (saviyntcloud.com)


In order to have Entitlements(Access) removed as well, you will need to add another condition for Deprovision Access to the existing condition of second rule (i.e. 99).


Here you may specify the endpoint name and further details, please find screenshot in same documentation.



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Community Manager

@himka - Did you still need help with this issue, or did the replies by Nimit and Jegathalayan answer your question?