job File based Accounts Import (SchemaAccountJob)

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We  want to use the sftp connector, to catch up the data file, and then use the job File based Accounts Import (SchemaAccountJob), to insert the data in saviynt,
We test it in dev environment, and it works well.
We use this method:
However I have a question, because I can't find the possibility to separate the different account imports in the job: job File based Accounts Import (SchemaAccountJob).
For example, if we have 3 Sav Files::
 ADAccounts.SAV, UNIXAccounts.SAV, and SAPAccounts.SAV.
This will launch the imports one after the other.
My questionis:
Is it possible to schedule the import of ADAccounts.SAV at 10 a.m ? and schedule the import if UNIXAccounts.SAV at 11 a.m ?

I prefer to launch the import of accounts separately by application, rather than all at the same time.



This is currently not supported. Schema based import can not be split on different frequency. In v2021 onwards saviynt will decommissioned to use old sftp approach and you can use using new jar based connector there you can control based on file name

Hello rushikeshvartak,
Thanks for your quick reply.

I already use this connector:

But this connector jar only import the file in the server saviynt.

Then I need to import the accounts content into the file, it's why I use the job File based Accounts Import (SchemaAccountJob)

What is your solution for importing accounts from a csv file?


There is no solution, currently not supported 

Do you know if there is a custom jar to import csv (even in beta version)?

You can use saviynt api to upload csv file 

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Ok so it's not possible yet via the UI.

Thanks for your answer Rushikeshvartak