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Iterative call to same API

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hello Team,

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Is it possible to perform iterative call to same api until we get some valid to a specific attribute.

We have a requirement to perform worker to position mapping to update the manager value on user profile. In D365 HR module, the user manager is not a user to user mapping. Its Worker to position mapping.
Which means we have to perform below calls while importing users.
1. Worker api call to get the user details and personal number.

2. Worker to Position mapping api call to get position id for the worker by passing personal number from call 1.

3. Position details api call to find the parent position id.

4. Worker to Position mapping api call again to get worker personal number for the Position by passing parent position id from call 3.

5. Retrieve the parent personal number and set on the identity profile.


Now in some cases the parent position has no worker assigned so in that case we have to re-check the parent's parent position in this case.
So for this I need to perform an iterative call to same api in case the parent's position is vacant. 



You need to have multiple calls in same json and use callcondition

Rushikesh Vartak
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