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In Rest Connector, Updated UpdateUserJSON is not be used by the UpdateUser task

New Contributor III
New Contributor III
In the implementation, the out of the box Rest connector is used to connect to SAP SuccessFactors.
In Prod, while testing the Writeback email address to SuccessFactors (update user's email in SF)  scenario, I got the following error, when updating the User in SuccessFactors. 
[COE0019]The user is an inactive user, only the active user can be updated. Please activate this user first with the index 0
to resolve the error I added the following to the SuccessFactors call: "&processInactiveEmployees=true" as in
The update was tested in the Development environment, and went through UAT, before being promoted to Production. But in Prod, when I run the UpdateUser task, I get the error above, which I should only get if I didn't added "processInactiveEmployees=true". Is the old configuration cached? how can I clear the cache?
Thing I've tried:
1. Confirm the service account has the appropriate privileges by writing back using Postman.
2. Restart all services, then recreate the task and  ran WSRETRY
3. Cleared UpdateUserJSON in the SF Connector, saved it, then copied the content back into it, and saved, then  ran WSRETRY.
4. Remove provisioningLimit from the ConfigJSON, and ran WSRETRY
In each cases, above I got the same error. 
Is the the JSON cached? If yes, how can the cache be cleared? How can I get the Saviynt to use my updated JSON?

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


Please use the below JSON in the configJSON parameter and try provisioning the same. You will get all the information in API calls in the debugLog and see whether Saviynt is calling the correct API or not. If it is as expected then try the same API through any other API agent like Postman to see if the issue is in REST Connector or API itself.