How to make provisioning job single threaded?

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We have a requirement which needs single threaded provisioning jobs. I don't know if this is the correct definition, so i'll explain a little more.

There are 2 Update Account tasks in the pending task list. When we provision to our application, the first update account task should be fully executed before starting the second update account task. This is because our update account tasks append strings in a customproperty using a stringbuilder. 

So if the first update task has "hello" in a string & the second update task has "world" in a string, the customproperty should have the string "hello world" after both update tasks are executed. This does not work when executing 2 update account tasks at the same time.

We have tried using the SingleInstanceProvisioningJob, but this didn't work for us. Does anyone have an idea on how we can achieve this?

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Hi @Caesrob ,

The choice of defining the number of threads for a job trigger was there in earlier versions of EIC.


Number of Parallel Processes 

Job Categories for Old Job Control Panel (

What’s New in this Guide (

Release Notes v23.2 (

That being said, can you check the two parameters on the file :



These parameters are responsible for enabling multi-threading in WsRetry jobs.



Making changes to these parameters will impact the behavior of all possible job triggers.




Md Armaan Zahir

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Hi @Caesrob ,

Why you are creating both update account tasks at the same time, instead of that make it dependent.

Let's say first update task add "hello" in the user's custompropertyX, once custompropertyX is updated, trigger another update rule to append other string in the same customproperty using update user task action.



Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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